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Wall Mounted Energy Storage Battery
EverExceed Solar Lithium battery is a smart energy storage solution that can be easily scaled to meet a wide range of needs. By utilizing the latest technology in Lithium lron Phosphate batteries ,it can provide consistent, reliable power for thousands of cycles. The ultra-modern rack mounted & wall mounted design ensure extremely long service life and high reliability in energy storage applications and widely popular with rapid development stance as well.
48V 100Ah Home Wall Mounted Energy Storage Battery
Wall Mounted Home Battery Energy Storage 51.2v lithium battery LiFePO4 batteries are perfect choice for your home +energy storage system and SME (Small Medium Enterprise).

Technical features:
Expansion capabilityEasy installationHigh reliability
Parallel connection available for flexible system capacity extensionSuitable for both rack and wall mounted installationHigh operational reliability
SafetySuperior deep cycle abilityZero maintenance
No risk of explosion & fireSuperior deep cycle ability provides highly efficient cycling and float service with great energy densityNo need for maintenance, saves opex for user

Product advantages:

>Wide compatibility

Fully compatible with most inverters on the global market,
such as SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Huawei, Victron Energy, Schneider, Growatt,
EverExceed, Ginlong, Sofarsolar, SolaX, East, Deye, etc.'

>Compact Size

Ultra-compact design,low weight;
Wall mounted, save the installation space;
High energy density standby power.


>Long service life and high reliability

15+ years long life design@25°C ;Adopt approved grade A cells to ensure high safety and premium performance of the battery; High operational reliability.

>Modular design

Parallel connection available for flexible
system capacity extension

Technical Data:
Battery typeLiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
Battery ModelEP-48100WEP-48200W
No.Of Cells In Series15161516
Norminal Voltage48V51.2V48V51.2V
Norminal Capacity100Ah200Ah
Norminal Energy4.8KWh5.12KWh9.6KWh10.24KWh
Dimension (H x W x D)540*495*217780*495*217
Boos Charge Voltage
(Charging Method: CC-CV)
Float Charge Voltage52V55.2V52V55.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage40.5V43.2V40.5V43.2V
Recommended Charge Current50A100A
Max Discharge Current100A100A
Working Temperature RangeDischarge: -20℃ to +60℃
Charge: 0℃ to +45℃
Storage: -20℃ to +60℃
Cycle Life≥ 6000 cycle @ 80%DOD @ 25℃ @ 0.5C rate
CommunicationRS485 / RS232 / CAN
Compatible Inverter*SMA, SolarEdge, Sungrow, Huawei, Victron Energy, Schneider, Growatt, EverExceed, Ginlong, Sofarsolar, SolaX, East, Deye, etc.*
Safety StandardIEC62619, CE, UN38.3
Design Life15+ Years @ 25℃

● Solar energy storage;           ● Wind energy storage;
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