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Stack-Mounted Battery
EverExceed Zeus PowerPlus+ stack-mounted LiFePO4 batteries are perfect choice for your home energy storage system and SME (Small Medium Enterprise). The ultramodern stack-mounted design brought to you by our highly qualified research and development team provides an ultra long service life and extreme reliability in energy storage. Based on our batteries technical features of excellent performance on higher temperature, higher capacity range, lighter weight and pollution free operation, our LiFePO4 battery is widely popular by users with a rapid development stance. It is the first choice for the high requirement energy storage battery solution.
48v home energy storage long life stacked LiFePO4 Battery
EverExceed Stacked Lithium Battery is a Ground mounted lithium battery pack which consists of long life-span LiFePO4 battery cells and functional BMS.


Key Features:
Elegant designReliableFlexible capacity expansion
Stack mounted high energy density5years warranty, newest lithium technology48V100Ah, up to 8 parallel expansion
Longer cycle lifeCommunication interfaceSafety standard
≥6000 cyclesRS485/RS232/CAN/SNMPCE, UN38.3

Features & Benefits:

>Wide compatibility

Compatible with most of the popular inverters on the market; such as SMA, SolarEdge,
Sungrow, Huawei, victron Energy. Schneider, Growatt, EverExceed, Ginlong/ Solis,
Sofarsolar, SolaX, Voltronic power, Deye, Goodwe, East etc*

>Save money & fast charging

6000+ life cycles @80% DOD:
5 years warranty;
15+ years design life,
Charges 5~6 times faster than VRLA;
Gets full charge within 1~2 hours;
Maintenance free throughout lifetime;


>High safety and reliable quality

LiFePO4 technology ensures no fire, no explosion;
24x7 hrs monitoring by user friendly BMS makes operation safe;
Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, under-current short circuit high and low
temperature protections;
View SOC & SOH in real time;
Support remote monitoring and diagnosis;
Car-level welding and assembly process, with the highest quality;
High quality cables and cable casing are used in the pack to avoid short circuit, and
high temperature damages;
Best grade materials used in every single pack casing with high quality terminals, LCD
or LED display and external cables.Confirm to safety standards of CE, UN38.3;

>Save space & easy installation

50% smaller, 70% lighter than VRLA battery
Ultra modern appearance, save more space
Plug & play, easy installation;
Drop in replacement for VRLA battery, without any additional labor cost


>Meet various capacity needs

Supports 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 battery packs in parallel
Up to10kWh/15kWh/20kWh/25kWh/30kWh/35kWh/40kWh
Flexibly customization according to customer needs
Parallel connection available for flexible system capacity extension;
Support OEM & ODM, the battery appearance can be designed according to customer

Technical Data:
Battery TypeLiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate battery)
Battery ModelEP-48100S
No.Of Cells In Series16
Norminal Voltage51.2V
Norminal Capacity100Ah
Norminal Energy5.12KWh
Dimension (L x W x H)596*381*189mm
Boost Charge Voltage (Charging Method: CC-CV)56-56.8V
Float Charge Voltage54.4-55.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage43.2V
Recommended Charge Current50A
Max Charge Current100A
Max Discharge Current100A
Working Temperature RangeDischarge: -20℃to +60℃
Charge: 0℃ to +60℃ Storage: -20℃ to +60℃
Cycle Life≥6000 cycle @ 80%DOD @ 25℃@ 0.5C rate
CommunicationRS485 / RS232 / CAN
Compatible Inverter*SMA,SolarEdge,Sungrow,Huawei,Victron Energy,Schneider,Growatt,EverExceed,Ginlong/Solis,Sofarsolar,SolaX,Voltronic
power, Deye, Goodwe, East etc*
Safety StandardCE, UN38.3
Design Life15+Years @ 25℃
Support combination methodPACK*2/*3/*4/*5/*6 upto 10kWh/15kWh/20kWh/25kWh/30kWh
(Supports 2/3/4/5/6 battery packs in parallel)


● Solar energy storage;     ● Wind energy storage;


Successful Cases: