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EverExceed's new Lithium Iron battery is now compatible with 15 solar inverter brands

author: EverExceed
EverExceed's new Lithium Iron battery is now compatible with 15 solar inverter brands

To meet with the diversified technical needs, EverExceed RD team recently have held the operation for testing and validating the communication protocol with mainstream solar inverters in global market. These batteries can be customized according to customer requirements as well.EverExceed Lithium Iron battery is a lightweight battery with BMS (Battery management system) that compatible with the following popular inverter brands:


Figure: All kind of inverters in EverExceed's laboratory for communication testing.

EverExceed Lithium battery is a smart energy storage solution that can be easily scaled to meet a wide range of needs. By utilizing the latest technology in Lithium lron Phosphate batteries ,it can provide consistent, reliable power for thousands of cycles.

The ultra-modern slim wall mounted design ensures extremely long service life and high reliability in home energy storage system SME (Small Medium Enterprise) applications and widely popular with rapid development stance as well.