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EverExceed’s participation in Vietnam ETE Expo initiates huge trade potential

EverExceed’s participation in Vietnam ETE Expo initiates huge trade potential

From 20th to 22nd, July 2022 our valuable business partner and representative in Vietnam participated in the Electrical Technology Equipment Vietnam ETE -2022 which has been held at Saigon Exhibition Convention Centre (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This exhibition is one of the leading Exhibition and an ideal platform for  technologies, machinery and equipment for power plant, power stations, generation equipment, transmission, lighting systems, transmission equipment, connecting and conductive material, electrical appliances etc.

Due to the COVID situation, though we cannot attend the exhibition but our Vietnamese representatives took part in this event with EverExceed's industrial battery, rectifier chargers, UPS, solar inverter and smart energy storage solutions which are the key products of electric and power industry.

During the consecutive 3 days exhibition, it attracted huge visitors to share their extensive wisdom and discuss the latest concerns of electrical equipments energy. Visitors were immensely impressed and many local customers had great interest in our products. The visitors and local buyers were highly influenced by our lead acid battery, lithium batteryindustrial battery charger and UPS. They were curious to know about the special features and advantages of these products also. Our team was glad to discuss elaborately about our innovative products and solutions with the visitors and explained how our products are most cost effective than others.

In this exhibition, our mission was to reach to the local customers end users who deliberately looking for such solution we provide. We are thankful to the organizers, our local partners and the visitors for visiting our booth and inspiring us for our endless effort to build reliable and energy efficient power solutions.