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Солнечная автономная система с инвертором
ESO Series
The solar off-grid system is mainly composed of solar panel, inverter with built-in transformer, controller and lead acid battery,cable. In daytime, when there is sunshine, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric energy and store it in the battery. At night or rainy or cloud condition, the battery shall supply power for load.
Advantage of the solar panel:

  1. Using 182mm*182mm size high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell production, the module has excellent performance in space utilization and efficiency;
  2. Efficiency≥20.79%;
  3. Ensure the positive tolerance of module +5W, module power ≥450W;
  4. Low open circuit voltage.

Advantage of the off grid inverter:

  1. Wide input voltage range and strong adaptability;
  2. Seamless switching without affecting continuous load operation;
  3. Built in transformer, strong bearing capacity, can withstand 2~3 times of surge power.

Advantage of the Controller:
  1. MPPT working mode to achieve maximum power point tracking control; Automatic identification of battery voltage;
  2. The load control mode has light control and time control etc.

Technical specifications
450W Mono Solar Panel2 Piece4 Piece6 Piece9 Piece12 Piece12 Piece18 Piece24 Piece
DC combine box3 in 1 out
(1 Piece)
4 in 1 out
(1 Piece)
4 in 1 out
(1 Piece)
3 in 1 out
(2 Piece)
4 in 1 out
(2 Piece)
MPPT Controller12VDC 80A24VDC 80A48VDC 60A48VDC 80A48VDC
Off Grid Inverter1kW2kW3kW4kW5kW6kW8kW10kW
12V 200Ah Battery1 Piece2 Piece4 Piece4 Piece8 Piece8 Piece16 Piece16 Piece
PV Cable 4mm230m60m60m90m120m120m180m240m
MC4 Connector2 pair3 pair3 pair4 pair5 pair5 pair7 pair9 pair
MC4Y Connector_1 pair1 pair
Mounting SystemGround or Roof (Customized Optional)