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Welcome to join us and be a part of PSME 70th National Convention-2022

Welcome to join us and be a part of PSME 70th National Convention-2022

We cordially invite you to visit our exhibition booth in PSME 70th National Convention which will be organized by Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (PSME). Our valuable business partner and representative in Philippines will take participation in the event which will be held from 20-22th October, 2022 at SMX Convention Centre Manila, Pasay City, Philippines.

As the overall situation is getting back to normal, PSME is finally opening its door this year for a Hybrid National Convention Set-up. A combination of face-to-face and a virtual NatCon that will highlight the latest technological updates, research and innovations. It will bring world's leading minds from industry leaders practitioners to share their extensive wisdom and discuss the latest topics and concerns surrounding the mechanical engineering and other scientific electrical updates. This year our Philippine representatives would like to welcome you with our high reliable power products such as thyristor controlled powerful battery charger, high frequency UPS, all-in-one energy storage solution, solar telecom BTS, industrial Lead Acid batteries, Lithium Batteries, NiCd Batteries which are the key products of electric and power industry.

Please follow the exhibition details:

Exhibition name PSME 70th National Convention
Stand number 112-125
Date 20th -22th October, 2022
Venue SMX Convention Centre Manila, Pasay City, Philippines

We will be eagerly waiting for your presence in our exhibition booth.